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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Really struggling tonight

It’s been such a horrible day today, I’m really struggling.  God I hate this time of year, I’ve tried really hard to put a brave face on it, but it’s all just too much.


Im sitting here crying my eyes out, feeling so frustrated, angry and just plain sad.


I need some sleep, things will feel better tomorrow, this day just needs to be put behind me


Re: Really struggling tonight

Hi hope you're ok i feel exactly the same can't sleep tonight restless frustrated have body pains and I'm not going mentally.


Re: Really struggling tonight

I meant not coping mentally 

Re: Really struggling tonight

Thinking of you at this difficult time @Razzle

i hope you managed to sleep ok. 

Senfing you lots of love and hugs ❤️❤️


Re: Really struggling tonight

HI thank you for your message no haven't slept well  did you? I hope you're feeling better Xo

Re: Really struggling tonight

Hi @Marrie @BlueBay  Slept kind of ok, on and off, got better as the night wore on, only because the exhaustion kicked in I think.


The anxiety has been off the charts today.  Met up with a friend for lunch, she’s having a few problems herself so I was a bit of a sounding board for her, she’s been my sounding board for a while so at least I could return the favour.


Fell asleep on the couch this afternoon, feeling pretty flat now though.  I really want to see my councillor but I can’t see him for another 5 weeks.  I don’t feel like I have the tools to cope this year.  I always struggle with this time of year, but I’ve never had this anxiety before, and my mother’s dementia hasn’t been this bad and I’m really finding it tough to cope.  


I don’t understand why I’m like this at Xmas time, and it just gets worse every year.  I feel physically sick just thinking about it.

Re: Really struggling tonight

Hi @Razzle I think this time of the year brings a lot of triggers and emotional stuff  

im actually really depressed at the moment. Nit sure what it is. 

Im the same as you waiting 5 weeks yo see my psychologist. I don’t know that I can wait that long but there’s no other choice. I did tell my doctor snd he said to utilise them snd call them. 

I hope you start to feel a bit better. I go know it’s not easy. Thinking of you ❤️

Re: Really struggling tonight

I'm Very sorry to hear how you are feeling I understand anxiety and it's the 1sr Xmas I'm not looking forward to as health issues and pains atm physio was gd today. Do u tell your doc how you are feeling?

Re: Really struggling tonight

I'm depress3d too first time in many years because of chronic pain  and health issues I'm 47 and all of a sudden insomnia hips pains n now bloody shoulders bursitis inflammation I can't sleep as tired but can't sleep .I'm from Melbourne are you ?I'm so sorry you feel the way you do it's awful n sad we humans get anxious and depressed .Hope you feel better soon stay strong and I think u need better support from doctors xo❤

Re: Really struggling tonight

Hi u feeling better tonight??

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