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Something’s not right

Re: Really struggling tonight



Gently Bently

Smiley Happy

tho we are all hot to trot at times ...

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You reminded me how tough things are in regional Australia.  You are soing your best and working to bring out the best in others.

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Yes we can only help when our help is accepted.  Hearing you about your husband.  SO many long term relationships are battered on the stormy seas. Find a way ... to keep razzling along ...

Take Care

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Re: Really struggling tonight

@Appleblossom @Teej @BlueBay @Dec   Lots of changes happening in my life at the moment.  My mum has improved, walking much better.  Her dementia is worse and she is still having hallucinations.  The hospital were wanting to discharge her this week, but were also reluctant to let her go home as she lives alone.  So, last night I decided that I would move in with her, as of right now I have moved back into my old bedroom, haven’t been a permanent resident of that room for about 25 years.  


Before my mum went into hospital, she used to come to my place on the weekends. So I’ll be living with mum during the week and then I’ll take her out to my place over the weekends.


She finally came home this afternoon after more than 2 weeks in hossie.  At least I know she’ll be safe at home with someone here, I can keep an eye on her taking her meds and will know she’ll be eating well seeings as I’ll be prepping all the meals - there is a roast on as we speak.  


My husband said he will also move in during the week, but if he’s busy on the farm then he may just stay there during the week.  I dont mind either way, I’m happy for us to take a break from each other for a while anyway.


I haven’t heard from my son for about a week now, I can’t do any more than I have as far as that situation goes, and right now my focus has to be here.


Wish me luck, I think I’m going to need it.

Re: Really struggling tonight

Best of Luck @Razzle 

Courage.jpgYou have it in spades

flowerarranging.jpgFind quiet times for you

Re: Really struggling tonight

Thanks @Appleblossom ❤️❤️

Re: Really struggling tonight

Hoping you find a way to live with it.

@Razzle Heart


I am learning not to take it personally.  Reading tohers stories helps me put in perspective.  That it is not unusual these days.


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