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Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Ok just making it now @Adge lol its berry berry good ok it is @Darcy s I had a mindsnap tagging reply 😬

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Yes I worked it out @marchhare

your Birthday is the 16th of March, the day after mine (the 15th).

Sorry @TAB & everyone - for my lack of interaction (virtually no posts frome me) tonight.

Everthing went wrong, all at once - I broke my tooth (a huge hole), 1 hour ago.

So I'm trying to get an emergency dental appointment, for tomorrow (Saturday).

That was on top of the excruciating shoulder pain that I've already been experiencing continuously (with no relief whatsoever), for the past 8 days.

The Physio said this afternoon, that her treatment has not helped to relieve my pain (or symptoms) - so she wants me to go to the GP to ask for MRI & other scans (of my shoulder).


Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Sorry @Adge I hope you get things sorted. Been putting off broken filling here for months now ok dead nerves. Think xmas itis my thing atm

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast



Thats terrible.

Coincidence?? I had 2 pieces of one tooth come out today.

All I did was bite into a yoghurt apricot, not really that hard. At first I thought it was something in the food but it was from my mouth .... It did not actually hurt, but my last dentist visit she was worried about cracks due to night time grinding.  Should I fuss and make an urgent appointment or get around to it after I finish getting the car properly serviced?

Sorry not nice for FF

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Sorry @Shaz51 i been rather preoccupied with just getting through each day of late.

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

I'm sorry you had a (2?) teeth brake too @Appleblossom I've had 3 I think, in about the last 8 months or so.


Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

 I thought it was weird timing. @Adge DId it hurt you when it happened?

DId you need emergency dental care? Or was it better safe than sorry?

Sorry about inquisition, just not sure what to do.

I think mine was a partial job when I had the dental work a few months ago.  It was one tooth but 2 separate pieces.



Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Sorry @Adge I read your posts in the Worry Room.

I did not mean to ignore the shoulder and nerve pain. I know that stuff is very difficult.

It turns out the A&E did not do right thing by you.  It is a crazy world Sorry about all these things going pear shaped at once.


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