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Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

I had an emergency dental appointment @Appleblossom But it was through my usual dentist, who works Saturdays, & managed to fit me in (somehow) when already fully booked.

It didn't hurt, but it was a huge hole in the tooth - & was very sensitive chewing anything.

It coincided with the severe shoulder pain (past 9 days or so) - that has been excruciating, & has left me unable to sleep through any night.

Due to a muscle & nerve injury (damage) that I'm still currently trying to get treated.

So I'm still in severe ongoing shoulder & neck pain, & am physically very weak & vague-headed at the moment.

It was the 2 things at once, that was almost impossible to manage (or work out how to) - because my mind & body are so befuddled & exhausted.

I hope that helps (maybe).


Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

That's fine @Appleblossom It's impossible to keep track of all these posts everywhere different, at least for me (right now) it is.

So tired.

No A&E did not do the right or caring thing at all.

The trip into hospital, coming out with no treatment or the necessary scans - left me in a much weaker state, & in more pain than ever.

Thank you for your validation, I really appreciate it.

I hope you can get your tooth fixed soon. Teeth braking is stressful, at least for me it is.

My dentist seems to think that I need to somehow accept it as a (semi) regular occurence (3 times in the past year) - due to getting old he said.


Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Mine is just a giant hole in side of mouth. Not in pain with it atm I will call dentist tomorrow Monday.


Concerned about you @Adge 

It is a lot of things to manage at once, and sounds as if the ambulance trip was a waste of time and money.


Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Yes pear shaped all at once is absolutely right @Appleblossom


Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Are you aware if you grind at night. @Adge I had not heard it was normal for them to break.

My dentist said I had a 3 cracked teeth and bad bruxism.

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Yes you are right @Appleblossom The ambulance trip will cost me $900, which hopefully (not absolutely sure) my ancillary extras health cover will refund - unless they say that it wasn't an emergency.

I'm confused & worried about that one.

It was a waste of time & money - the ambulance call-out, & the trip to A&E.

They sent me home with no pain meds (for shoulder & neck), & none of the scans that they said I would have to get - Ultrasound & or MRI

Actually left me in a worse state, & untreated (it did).

I really can't deal with so many serious things happening all at once like that.

All the best with getting your tooth fixed soon.


Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

I am not aware of grinding at night @Appleblossom

But my dentist thinks that I may be grinding my teeth (without realising it).


Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

If the signs of bruxism are there, and it sounds like it is, then it is apparently wise to wear a properly fitted night guard. (not just a sports one size fits all)

I have not been able to afford to get mine done yet ... so my dentist will probably feel validated when I call.

@Adge Heart

Yes it helps me to be able to talk about things.  Many things.  The gamut.

Smiley Happy

Being in high level pain for so long is awful.

I need to log off, but Take Care


I am a bit worried about @Former-Member she is thinking of leaving but I dont think she has managed to close her account.

Lapses.  Not sure if it is any help, but missing you.


Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hello feasters. Hope you've all had a good week. Cat Happy


This week Australia's had some wild weather, rain, fire, wind! Sending well wishes to everyone - stay safe.


What's for dinner tonight?


Tonight I have a specific craving for honey roasted carrots! 

Anyone have any food cravings? 


Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hello @thecolourblue and a good evening to feasters.   @TAB @greenpea @Lilyq @eth @Appleblossom @Adge @Shaz51 @eudemonism @Jacques @Bimby2 @Hamsolo01  

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