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Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

It 3.30 here so late lunch was cooked portugese chicken and mash when it was finally cooked @Lilyq lol

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

hello @eth, @Lilyq

we have heated leftover Potato base xx

Hello @Time, @boot, @MoonGal, @SunFlower_7, @Darcy, @Janiee, @Jo, @Bella1978, @Former-Member, @Maggie, @Boo13, @Bimby2, @eudemonism


Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

it is 5-45 pm here @eth Heart

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

It's 6.42 here @Shaz51.  Hi to you too @Lilyq don't think we've met before.


Left over home made soup from yesterday here.  It's called ribollito and is very like minestrone.  White bean and vegie soup made with stock made from herbs from our garden.  Served with garlic bread and gremolata - a parsley, lemon, parmesan and garlic topping.  My hobby is looking for new recipes and cooking to share with the family twice a week.  I live in their back yard in a cabin and like to show my gratitude.  

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

hi my dear friend, @Shaz51 i hope everyone is having a good friday and week.


i had a good week, i hand made a gift for my partner, it is really beautiful. 


hugs to  all my forum friends.



Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hi @Jacques  would love to hear more about the gift you made.  How are you old friend?

Wow it's quiet here tonight.  Either that or new posts aren't loading at my end for some reason.

Sorry I disappeared.  Sil decided not to go out and we sat outside having crackers and cheese and olives and dip and relish - left overs from my visitors earlier this week.  It's nice to have one on one time with her - doesn't happen often.

Wondering what's happening with Friday Feast this week.

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hi @Moderator what's happening here tonight?  Or not happening as the case may be.

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Good evening feasters @eth @Jacques @Shaz51 @TAB  @Lilyq

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

just quiet I guess. It happens at times. 



Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hi @Darcy

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