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Something’s not right


Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

she called them and they told her to do some mandala, so they where not helpful, i spoke to her for over an hour until she went to sleep, what is the proccess you need to go throug hto get into a new psychologist? i want to try to help her find a new one


Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis


checking in to see how you and your partner going  Heart

Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

hi my dear friend, 


im taking it day by day, my partner is really unwell, it is becomming difficult to keep her safe. i am doing all i can.


i have got my emotions back under control but i still get upset when she struggles so so much. they have her on so many medications she is having problems with ballance and memory. 


it is a hard road, but as you know it is worht it for the ones we love.


hugs my dear friend. im always thinking of you 



Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

hugs my @Jacques 

sitting with you and your partner xx

remember to look after you too-- ( I need to remember that too )

always thinking of you too xx

Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis


checking in to see how you and your partner going  Heart

Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

hi @Shaz51 


not a great day today, my partners psychiatrist just stopped all treatment and so has her public team, they say her needs are to complex for them to deal with, i have just been on the phone with her for an hour trying to calm her down enough to stop crying. 


this is the 4th psych to give up on her. i just hope i can find her someone who is able or wiling to work with her to get back on her feet. they seem to just want to medicate and ignore the main problems.


Psychs now see mto be just after the easy or quick fix cases to make lots of money. it is so os frustrating. she feels so hurt that someone she trusted so much gave up on her.


it took me so long to convince her today that im not going to leave her. i love hr too much to ever leave her


sorry for the rant. 


i hope you and Mr Shaz are ok, hugs my friend, you are amazing

Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

@Jacques, you have nothing to be sorry for my friend Heart

the 4th psych to give up on her.-- that is terrible for you and your partner , sending you knowing hugs

I think the biggest problems @Jacques  is that notes are written down by the other Psychs, so when the new one sees the notes , they put it in the too hard basket -- which is soo wrong

mr shaz has been through this

and how are you going ?? being a rock for your partner , you are wonderful

here for you always if you need to talk

and @Darcy , @Appleblossom your virtual mum is here for you always too xx

Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis





I have been thinking of you but not read this thread til now.


Thank god for @Shaz51  and the mods




@Jacques You have a lot of courage, patience, persistance and love.


I am upset and remembering my own struggles with my brother and sister,but I will be alright.  Its a shocking disgrace and lack of profesionalism not refer patients on properly to maintain continuity of care for people in acute circumstances.  Just letting you know I FEEL strongly about your situation and hearing you about those in the field for money only.


Smiley FrustratedSmiley MadSmiley Indifferentpurse my lips with determination and turn it around Smiley Sad breath and hope a bit Smiley HappyHeart




Please practise LOTS of SELF CARE.


Are you still doing your garden, photography and any boats ??


Read good material for your soul or whatever you call your inner being.





I will tag you over to a thread where I post my rambles about my journey.  You might find it distracting and sometimes it is positive.


Take Care of you.

Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

Hi my dear friend @Shaz51 and my virtual mum @Appleblossom 


wow, i didn't know that, gosh i hope this next one does not give up on her, it is something i am willing to do on my own if nessisary, i love her too much to let her down. 


i think the whole system needs a shakup, there is too much money involved and the expence of the most vulnerable in our society, so much exploitation for finanical gain. 


my partners psych today said she would be happy to take her money if that is what she wanted. who does that?


im ok, i have some rough times, really rough, i've been thinking a lot lately what my future holds if anything happens to her and if i will ever end up homeless, needlesss to say with all the worry i have not been sleeping well, i have not had a good nights sleep in months. some days i just go through the motions, and others i have some small moments of happyness.


my garden is helping me cope. 


you are always in my thoughts @Appleblossom  i have missed you a lot


Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

@Jacques, soo sorry to hear about your uncle

sending you hugs my friend xxxx

and how is your partner going

and please take care my friend

: @Appleblossom , @Darcy 

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