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how do you get them help when they think nothing is wrong

Sister hears voices everywhere she goes, from people she knew 10 years ago - she thinks they are there - noone has ever seen them . She refuse to think anything is wrong with her and even rings the police to report them




Re: how do you get them help when they think nothing is wrong

Hi @Jen12 


Welcome to Sane. It's so great that you've found your way here. Caring for a family member can be overwhelming and exhausting. It's not something you should have to do alone. There are many people here who have experience on both sides of the Mental Illness coin. As carers and as those cared for. I'm sure you will get lots of great insights and shared experiences from them. Both @ivana and @Brodie know a lot about services and options. I'm sure you'll find their input very valuable. Smiley Happy

Also, here is a thread you might like to have a look at. It looks at what you can do when you have reached your tipping point while looking after your sister. How to recognise you're there and how to bring yourself back. In short, how to care for yourself.

Again, well done for having the courage to share your story with us, I believe you will find that it was well worth it. I look forward to seeing you around the forums.


Re: how do you get them help when they think nothing is wrong

Great thanks interesting threads to read I live 4 hours away form her

She said she had the police at the house last week and the mental health acute team was there the following day  -  recommending she see  them  - my thought was great when she told me this 7 days later ( I had no idea this had happened last week)

But she refuses and says she has seen a lawyer about her rights in not seeing a doctor - would that be right ?

 if she denies anything is wrong , how does she get to the doctor ..she doesn't listen to me .... so do I just let it all play out or can I ask the mental health team to intervene ?



Re: how do you get them help when they think nothing is wrong

Hey @Jen12 

I'm not a lawyer, or even someone that has experience with this from a legal standpoint, so there's not much I can offer but you might find something here. It's the Mental Health Rights Manual put out by the Mental Health Coordinating Council. It covers the legal and human rights of people with mental illness and should hopefully provide you with information regarding involuntary treatment.

I feel sure there will be others in the community who will have first hand experience or knowledge of these issues and will be able to share their experiences with you.

Re: how do you get them help when they think nothing is wrong

From my own personal experience living with a partner with schizoeffective disoder in SA in situations like that where my partner starts hearing voices (he hides that from me generally) so his next progression in the illness is very irrational thoughts ,racing mind/talk and believing I am out to get him as in his mind it is not the real me etc etc....the first time this happened he allowed me to go to the emergency ward with him where he was then hospitalised, flown with RFD to the closest city and spent three months in a psych ward blaming me of course for this outcome but realises later when he was well that this course of action had to be done. The second time around was not quite so easy and the police had to take him in to the hospital but of course they talked to him in our home first and because he presents quite well when in the early stages of his illness he almost had the police believe we were just having a domestic (quite embarrassing at the time but have learnt yo get past that) as I said to the police, if they don't take him in then and there his symptoms are only going to escalate, there is no instant recovery! Fortunately they took me for my word and he was once again admitted and of course his symptoms did escalate and 24hours later he ran away from the hospital and the police spent the next 14 hours looking for him out bush!!! Basically what I am trying to say is do what you can to have her seen by the team, ring them and tell them it is urgent, tell them u have grave concerns for her safety and that these symptoms will only escalate as they do not just go away without the right medication and support. Remember though this is just my experience but what I have learnt is that the unwell person does not generally recognise that they are unwell so you do need to step in and make those difficult decisions. It is really heartbreaking and trying to get your sister 'committed' for want of a better word is really hard too and she will quite possibly blame you to begin with but as I often need to remind myself at these times....the person blaming me is very unwell and would have very vague memories of what they are putting you through and saying to you. It is the illness talking not them!! I wish you and your sister the very best of luck and there is light at the end of the tunnel , you just have to ride the wave. Your sister is extremely lucky to have your support! Take care x

Re: how do you get them help when they think nothing is wrong

wow... thank you

 When your husband is well  - does he know he gets sick ?

 as the denial bit is so hard - if there was an acknowledgement that when she is sort of well that it does all go bad

but the lack of reality and thinking all these people are following her all the time and the 1 am phone calls are exhausting ..and without knowing what to do  or being there

Re: how do you get them help when they think nothing is wrong

Hi Jen,


Would you mind me asking how old your sister is and when this all started?

Did anything appear to trigger it or was it just "out of the blue"?

Does your sister mention any physical symptoms,visual hallucinations or headaches etc?

Does she have any co existing physical illnesses?

Is the reason that she doesn't want to see Mental Health Workers due to her feeling they arn't respectful/don't treat her with kindness and dignity etc, or is it rather because she has no insight that her experience isnt real?

Re: how do you get them help when they think nothing is wrong

Hi Jen, after the proverbial has hit the fan and we have been on the roller coaster that is his illness at it's most acute then yes he does know that he has been unwell but generally has no idea as to what extent until we have talked about it. This of course is a very hard conversation for him to hear as nobody likes to be reminded of how unwell they have been and the 'craziness' of some of his antics as it does leave him feeling guilty etc which is not my goal...I just want him to know as to give him more reason to stay well which if he takes his meds he does!!! The thing is that there is stuff he may remember doing and saying but because when he is unwell his reality is not necessarily our reality then he can become quite confused and not know whether he did do certain things or he imagined doing certain things. I always worried that when he was at his most unwell stage that he is in pain, that is my biggest fear but doctors assure me he is not in pain (although when very sick believe you me he can be a huge pain and just listening to him is completely exhausting!!!) I have also said as much to him when has recovered and he has told me many times that he actually enjoys his hallucinations and heightened senses. I find this hard to understand but that is how he feels !! It must be so exhausting and very worrisome for you, I wish I could give you the answers but it is still a huge learning curve for me too. All I can say is do what you can for your sister without completely exhausting yourself in the process because as someone once said to me....I am of no help to anyone if I become unwell as well. It must be so hard being so far away!!! Take care of yourself!!!

Re: how do you get them help when they think nothing is wrong

She is 49
So peri menopause wouldn't really help
Always had wild pms mood swings
Unsure is other symptoms
Anything stressful eg handing in assignment is a huge predictor that is will all go bad
I am so impressed with the acute care mental health team who can see something is wrong and followed her up all day today admitting her this pm
When gp was contacted he had no knowledge of any mental health issues
As if he doesn't ask and she doesn't say so why would he know anything ..
Anyway she is under care and a team now and hopefully it goes ok
Thanks to everyone

Re: how do you get them help when they think nothing is wrong

Ok so now in a whole new world .. What happens in mental health tribunals ?
Do they ever get better and function normally and work again .. Or is it now up and down ?

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