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Senior Contributor

Family Estrangement

Last night the subject on Insight - on SBS - was about Family Estrangement


I found this interesting - it is being shown again today at 3.00 pm and it is usually shown again over the weekend - when I find out what time I will put this up on this thread


So many people here are suffering because of family estrangement and I am one of those people - though I left my family of origin behind for the sake of my mental health as many other people have - 


And many people here have the same problems with family




@Shaz51 @Zoe7 @BlueBay @Maggie @outlander @Sherry @Gazza75 @BPDSurvivor @Darcy @Razzle @Hamsolo01 @Adge @utopia 


I am not good at tagging - it anyone else would like to add other people please feel free to do so - in fact I hope other people help me out here


I hope other people find this programme as supportive as I have




Re: Family Estrangement

Hi @Dec 

im going to try to remember to watch it tiday. Otherwise I’ll watch it later. 

Im so over family estrangement. It’s hurtful, sad and frustrating. 

Theres more I could write but I won’t. 

Re: Family Estrangement

Thanks @Dec  I hope to watch. A very important but difficult reality for so many of us.

Re: Family Estrangement

@Dec  I forgot to say thanks for tagging me. Yes @Maggie  a difficult topic. ❤️

Re: Family Estrangement

Thanks for letting us all know @Dec , Insight have some really good stories on.  I didn't catch the one last night, but, will definitely try and watch the replay.

Re: Family Estrangement

Hey @Dec
I can't begin to imagine what that feels like. I am proud of you for raising it here. That takes guts.

I like seeing you about on the forum so tag me anytime Smiley Happy

Re: Family Estrangement

thanks @Dec 

we forgot to tape it last night

and we are home for the afternoon , so we will watch it Smiley Happy

Re: Family Estrangement

Hi @Dec   Thanks for the tag, I won’t get to see it this afternoon, but will have plenty of time this weekend.


I have been grieving the estrangement of my son.  I’m feeling so bitter toward his partner for breaking our family apart.  They were supposed to be home this weekend, it would have been the first time in almost 3 months since I’ve seen our grand daughter.  It’s my sons birthday this weekend and it would have been nice to celebrate it with him.  


They had intended to stay for a week, but it came with conditions it seems.  I’ve cut off the $$ so she’s cut off the visit, they are no longer coming now.


Ive spent every night for weeks crying myself to sleep, even now I’m struggling not to let the tears flow.  I feel like it is a death, I’ve lost my son and with it I’ve lost my granddaughter.  I can’t believe an 18yo immature child has so much control over my family.


Actually, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to watch the show on the weekend, I can barely hold myself together right now 


Re: Family Estrangement



i can totally relate! My mental health put walls between me and my family. I didn’t even know at the time. It’s only now, in retrospect and with more understanding, that I realise my estrangement has been a result of my mental health.

Re: Family Estrangement

wow @Dec 

just watched the show

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