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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

Caring for sisters with MI

My sister has had depression which has been exacerbated by some recent life events and I have needed to increase support for her  following the passing of her dog and changes at her work which appear to have affected staff morale. She now has a knee injury and will be off work for a while (her job is one where she is on her feet most of the day).


I thought it might be nice to have a discussion where those caring gor their sisters could havd a mutual sharing spot.


We do not live nearby so have started phoning regularly but can see that I might need to visit her a little more often in person which will become a little easier as Mr Darcy & I are in the throes of an interstate move and the distance will be substantially reduced. 


How are you going @Jane5  and @silhouette  with your sisters?


Re: Caring for sisters with MI

We're so sorry to hear about the tough time your sister is going through @Darcy. The passing of a pet can be incredibly difficult to manage and it's really nice that you have increased contact with her. Visiting is definitely something you should consider, maybe even doing something to help her celebrate the life of her pet - is this something you think that she would like? 

Re: Caring for sisters with MI

Sis is pleased we are moving closer @Ali11 and fully intends to being my elderly mum down to check out our new digs. Mr Darcy finds my family hard work (and they are) so short visits necessary. 

Re: Caring for sisters with MI

How are you going @mambofish 


Re: Caring for sisters with MI

That's good @Darcy, how is everything going with your sister this week? 

Re: Caring for sisters with MI

Have not rang in the last few days as my oldest brother and niece are visiting her this week @Ali11

Re: Caring for sisters with MI

A visit from your brother and niece might also be good for her too @Darcy, do you have another call planned? 

Re: Caring for sisters with MI

I usually call her on a Sunday @Ali11

Re: Caring for sisters with MI

That's so great that you have a routine with her @Darcy, hopefully, it will be a good phone call! Heart

Re: Caring for sisters with MI

Hello @Darcy 

how i your sister this week since you have moved to a new place Heart

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