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Senior Contributor

good news for all Australians :)

NRL season is nearly over

No more weird 'ball throwers' -

doesn't even make sense throwing a ball backwards to move forwards

it's crazy - but then look at AFL

encouraging physical violence and bad behaviour

they're both rubbish in my opinion

please don't reply if you find this offensive


Re: good news for all Australians :)

Hi @jamesle2015.

I'm really, really looking forward to football season being over. I find it a tough time in a few ways, the biggest being that it's the time of the year when my life turned upside down so there are memories and triggers galore around for me at this time of year. I find it very difficult to have little escape from it all as everywhere is covered in football something 😑 Very tricky when it isn't your thing for whatever reason as it's just everywhere. I breathe a sigh of relief seeing the end of it.

I'm sure there are plenty of people who are looking forward to it being over too so you're not alone with this. I hope the end of it beings some relief for you.

Re: good news for all Australians :)

@jamesle2015 I wanted the support to be a laugh out loud emoticon when I read your post.

Smiley Very Happy

Totally get it.

Went away to a vocal workshop on Grand final weekend, being going to different places on the weekend Melbourne is overtaken by madness, for many years now

Smiley Happy

Re: good news for all Australians :)

They still go on about it in the newspaper so annoying...

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