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Re: Far and Away

awwwww @Sans911 HeartHeart I think you are amazing and awesome and my wonderful friend Smiley Very Happy

Re: Far and Away

It must be so hard seeing your mum like that @Shaz51 but you are doing everything possible for her and that takes a massive amount of strength my sister Heart

Re: Far and Away

Re: Far and Away

thank you my sister @Zoe7 HeartHeart

hope you are relaxing tonight xoxo

hello my sister  @oceangirl Heart

Re: Far and Away


Hi my sister @Shaz51 Heart

I got new clothes line today- slowly replacing what I need to. 

My GP goes away from next Wednesday and she is away for two wks- she is going to Hawaii. 

Re: Far and Away

@Zoe7 Smiley Happy
Impressed as usual Smiley Happy
Not applicable

Re: Far and Away

Thanks for the tags @Zoe7 @Sherry  

and @Appleblossom  @Shaz51 earlier. 


Catch up another time. 

Its getting very late. 

It will be nice to get your hair done, Sherry. 

Ive been trimming my own hair lately. Too stressed to get to the hairdresser. 

I even put a colour through it myself. I normally have foils done. 


Sleep well. 

Nighty night all. πŸ˜΄πŸ’œπŸ’–πŸ₯°

Re: Far and Away

@oceangirl  Hey oceangirl. How are you going? super pea well I hope. xxxxSmiley Happy

Re: Far and Away

Re: Far and Away

Goodmorning @Sherry  Hope you get everything done you need to do today Hon Heart

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