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Casual Contributor

Anxiety taking over


I'm posting because my anxiety has reached an all new high and it's causing major problems that I don't know how to deal with..

I will try to make the story as brief as I can ..Basically, when I look back I have always had anxiety but wasn't always aware of it. I have a habit of avoiding situations that scare me and isolating. So for the past 7 years I was studying from home then became pregnant and a stay at home Mum.

Now I'm at a point where going out in public at all frightens me. Unfortunately my family's financial situation has changed and there is pressure for me to go back to work but I'm terrified and worried my family won't understand and think I'm just making excuses not to work.


I need a therapist but can't afford it right now.

Any similar experiences or suggestions?


Re: Anxiety taking over

Hi @LolaPunk, I am sorry you are suffering and you feel your family won't understand or support you. I would suggest seeing a GP and asking for. A. Mental care health plan. This should give you access to 5 free psychologist sessions.


You can try the Coping Box thread for more immediate suggestions. 


sorry for short response, on mobile device. 


Take care 


Re: Anxiety taking over

@LolaPunk  Hi, and welcome.

I too have, and still suffer with anxiety, so understand what you are saying. 

Are there any social workers in your area who might be able to help? Your GP might have suggestions as @Gazza75  mentioned.

Many others here understand, and I get looking around and replying on threads is hard. But sometimes just knowing you aren’t alone in the struggles can be helpful.

You were brave posting, I don’t think that was easy to do.

I hope to see you around if you feel you would like to join in.

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