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  • Topic : Something’s not right
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Hi @BabyDragon ,


Your post made sense. 


This is just my opinion and its up to you what to do.  Basing this on other posts I have seen you make and not just this one.  I think you did your best to protect your siblings as best you could.  I wouldn't feel bad that you may not have, you did what you could and you can't change it now. 


I wouldn't talk to your mother about it as she seems to be inconsiderate to you and probably your slblings as well.  


I would talk to your siblings, psychiatrist, friends before her. 


I think you are very brave and strong to get through everything like you have.  Trust yourself and your son would be my advice. 


It's hard to trust anyone at the best of times and I can only imagine how diffucult it would be for you to do it.


Take care Smiley Happy

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