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  • Author : Tortoiseshell
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  • Topic : Something’s not right

Hey @Annie_7

I'm Tortoiseshell, one of the moderators. Welcome to the forums, I hope you find it really supportive! That sounds really frustrating having this slow weight gain over the years, and having it be linked to a behaviour when you feel strongly there may be an underlying issue. It's great you've come onto the forums to ask this Smiley Happy


This is a great thread as so many people struggle with weight gain on mental health medications. Just a reminder to everyone that mention of specific weights or weight goals (i.e. in kgs or another measurement) are not suitable for the forums as they might be really triggering to anyone reading the forums who has an eating disorder or is in recovery from one. Discussing weight loss/gain generally as you have been doing, without specific weight mentioned, is completely okay. 


Take care,




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