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The DNA background they did for me went back a long way.


Mothers side, to the pre Viking era in the Scandinavian area, through the Viking period, and eventually down into Ireland. More recently to arrive in Australia as convicts.

A very small, rare DNA sequence, on my mtDNA side.


Fathers side follows back down through Ireland from the recent convict period to the first people to ever set foot in Ireland. Historians are still debating the time of first habitation in Ireland and have now found evidence to push it back as far as 12000 BC. I imagine this will be scrutinised fairly closely before being accepted as fact. It is to the beginnings of this time that my yDNA takes my family.


Also found a direct DNA match with a body recovered from an iron age cist burial in western Ireland.


On the larger scale we are part of the R1b tree which is a very large tree.


I find the Denisovans and Floresiensis intriguing, what the world was like then with different branches coexisting at times.

Often whish I could have lived during the stone age. 

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