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@BlueBay I am so sorry to hear you are going through a hard time, I sympathize with what's going on, as a lot of what you said I feel the same and finding it hard to get through each day. I find doctors don't really listen to us properly like they use to, my doctor never 

Checks my blood pressure or do anything like that unless I ask and just give me scripts, and when I try to ask for check up properly he says that times up 10minutes and yet others that go to him sometimes are there for 15, 20 minutes always have to wait for over an hour sometimes. 

it is so hard to find good doctors these days, your doctor had no right to say that to you 

BlueBay and make you feel worse and angry, I would to, they can be so insensitive sometimes. I'm sending hugs and warm wishes to you and hope you can find some peace, I'm glad you have a dietician that helps you.

I also keep getting into trouble and saying or doing the wrong thing, but it's my son that gets angry with me, so I retreat in  myself again and don't talk and stay in the room, and get angry at myself for being so stupid and not being able to say things right and not remembering things anymore I have to keep a diary every day to remember

@Shaz51 @Hamsolo01 @Meowmy @Gazza75 @Ali11 @Dec @Sherry @greenpea 

@Zoe7 @Appleblossom @outlander @CheerBear @TAB @Adge @Darcy 

@eth sorry for the late reply, thank you and I hope you are feeling a bit better after yesterday.

Sorry everyone this has taken me 2 hours to do this as I don't know how to say things properly, and I get angry at myself cause by the time I finish these there's always lots of messages that I miss in between 


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