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  • Author : SnowWhite
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  • Topic : Our stories

Ive only just sort of joined and answered a few posts on here. Im 56 and i have an eating disorder and been sexually abused when younger by members of my own family. My dad died when i was young and mum started drinking her sorrows so we hardly had any food not that she drank it but things back then were tough. Ive had a lot of things go on it my life mostly thinking i am not worthy or good enough but i am learning to face those questions head on and look for the proof that says I'm l, seen life from both ends. I have depression and anxiety attacks and ptsd which is now ptss Post Traumatic Syndrome instead of Disorder. I have some horrible nightmares and flashbacks but Im dealing with them through the help of some wonderful people who tell me I'm not crazy just me I'm also very empathic and compassionate and some of the stories here make me so sad i just want to hug you all. If you ever feel your alone, dont', cause someone out there cares xx

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