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Hi @Dec 

Thankyou for taking the time to reply. I always look forward to whst you have to say. 

I write on here because I have nowhere else to write. Snd I write because at home no one would sit with me yo listen. And to be honest I would struggle. I find it very difficult to open up with hubby and kids. At least here I can be me with no one really knowing me in real life. I can openly say whst I want and how I’m feeling. 

Dec why can’t I see myself improving?

why do I always feel depressed and negative. 

I understand that a lot of my issues I have now are from my childhood. My mums controlling and manipulative ways. 

I still wish I could get away with a  friend or myself. But that will never happen. If my D was able to go away we could go. 

i feel that we’re going backwards  reg our financial situation. 

I feel we’ll have to sell in the near future. And I know def we won’t get another house like we’re in now. 

I don’t know. I have so many stressors that aren’t helping. I know.  

Snd huff n puff isn’t helping the situation or how I feel.

yiu know Dec sometimes lately I question whether I should stsy or leave in my marriage. It’s so stressful emotional. I just don’t know what to do. 

I do love him but he’s not understanding or sympathise with me. 

I don’t know. Some days I feel I could walk away. But then I blame myself for how we are st the moment. 

Theres been no intimacy or anything fir a long time. Months and months. it doesn’t help with meds snd menopayse. And even thst I blame myself too. 

Its a mess isn’t it?

Hi to everyone @Ali11 @Meowmy @Shaz51 @oceangirl @Zoe7  @Sherry @Razzle 

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