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My feline friends have been my closest companions and given me the strength over the years to keep going. Sadly my boy Gus passed away nearly 2 yrs ago at the age of 16. He had helped me through a lot and I felt a real sense of loss when he passed. If one can have an animal soul mate, I feel he was mine. I still have Molly a Chinchilla Persion. She is very sweet but is an old lady now and a bit anxious. She keeps my lap warm at night. I now also have Bentley a champagne ragamuffin. I got him after Gus passed to fill the void and chose his breed specificslly for his personality . He is my new shadow. We have our routine and each night is spent side by side on the lounge. He is mischievous and full of life. A big personality and a great friend. Their love is unconditional and there is no judgement (despite what people think about cats 😊). All animals bring me joy and a sense of calm. If I knew how I would post a picture but I can't seem to do it from my phone.

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