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Hi All,

Looking forward to tonight's Topic Tuesday in the Carer's forum with special guest Sonja Neale: BPD - debunking the myths and revealing the facts. Tuesday 15 September between 7-9pm AEST

What an important and relevant conversation. I know that several members on here who are supporting and caring for a loved one with BPD: @Whyohwhy @astrengthinever @PeppiPatty @Leigh @Jacob101 @Kiera80 @3forme @Valda @pjc11 @Viv Feel free to come along and share some of your own valuable wisdom, insights and stories from the carer's and family/friends perspective. 

To our other members, those living with with BPD or even if you just have a general interest in this particular area and would like to learn more, you are also most welcome to come along and join in the conversation. A few members who come to mind include - @Shadow @Raven @WombatBoots @Linmerc @Jacques @Appleblossom @catalytic @Crazy_Bug_Lady All welcome! 

Hope to *see* you all tonight Smiley Happy

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