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  • Author : Nellie90
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  • Topic : Something’s not right
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Hi there, I've been helping look after a family member, who I am not that close to. 

She has come out of hospital after attempted suicide, the trigger was delusional thoughts about people breaking in to her house, and feeling anxious about this. 

I talked to her last night and she is still experiencing these delusions. 

I'm trying to get her out of the house and do things in the day time. She has had anxiety problems for over 10 years and has no friends, no life, has never worked as her mother has cared for her.  She struggles to talk to people becuase of anxiety. 

It doesn't seem like she has a gp that she likes, or is getting good health from her social worker, or psychiatrist. I've asked her if they have been helping her, but it seems like she isn't getting access to great mental health professsionals.  I'm not sure if this is the whole story obviously, or whether she is just not trying to help herself.  She is able to cook food and keep her hygiene up to normal standards. Can anyone suggest on how to move forward with helping her.  I'm trying to find a new psych/psychologist for her, and gp.  

How can you help someone who is not willing to do small things to help themselves because of the anxiety and delusions still occurring.  I'd be grateful for any suggestions, thanks. 

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