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  • Author : Darcy
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  • Topic : Something’s not right
Senior Contributor

Hi @BPMum 

Late onset diagnosis = yikes.


I gather that patients have their own signs as to the things they do when they start ramping up and one goal of treatment is that patients will recognise these signs and present for treatment before things get out of hand. Collaboration with family members is thought best practice.


An already aging body does add to treatment complexity and factors considered with medication would include your Mum's general health and any other meds she is taking,  when looking at treatment algorithms (such as the RANZCP guidelines to the treatment of affective disorders)  there is mention of APs; these guidelines are readily accessible on line. The pdoc should have explained any risk vs benefit and addressed any concerns and why an AP was offered rather than a different MS. Has Mum given permission for you to be involved in her care or are you her enduring guardian?  If so it would be appropriate for you to ask the pdoc about choice of drug/risks-benefits.


It seems unusual to me that no follow up appt has been made as most pdocs would ensure stability before handing back ongoing care to GP and it might be worthwhile checking this. 

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