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Hi @wombats  and welcome

I see that @Shaz51 has already tagged you in a thread where I share about the ups and downs in our family. I have also added some comments there. If you look in the top right corner there is a bell. Click on that and you will see a link to threads  where you have bee tagged or commented in. Hope this helps. 


A lot of what you have talked about resonates with ohr family and my wife (aka my darling) in so many ways. We have been married 19 years and have 3 children between 3 and 14. 

I have many times been reccomended the book stop walking on eggshells but have not read it yet. I did get an ebook version from booktopia but it was difficult to navigate so would reccomend a hard copy. (I have used ebooks a lot quite successfully so I think it was particular to that book). 


My wife also refused help early on and our diagnosis came when she was in hoapital with our first baby. Midwives came to me with concrens about pnd and when I told them 'umm this is normal' they arranged an evaluation. Not sure what would have happened without that. 

Boundaries have made a big difference in the life of our family, this is explained in the thread you have been tagged in. This will be different for everyone but i have explained our boundaries and the basis for them.   Hope this helps. Happy to answer any questions. 


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