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Hi @Shelter

That is such great news!  Thanks for sharing!  I know just how important those breaktthroughs are!

I do hope your son can find his way forward. And doesn't it make a world of difference, how they are treated? Sounds like the supervisor just knew what he needed.  I wish there were more teachers out there who knew what a difference they could make.  Out of the 11 years we have struggled with this - I can think of only one teacher who made a difference. I am just so glad my son has made it this far in his schooling.

And wonderful that your son has seen the doctor and agreed to  give different medication a go- that is a really positive step forward. It is great that he has the motivation to want to feel better. The weight might even itself out once he starts to feel better about himself.  They say you either gain or loose weight when suffering from anxiety or depression. My son finds it hard to eat, especially when he was at school during the day.

I know the psychologist road well and also as a sole parent. We gave up the psychiatrist as it was just way out of reach financially and doesn't come under the government support (that is ridiculous, isn't it). We ended up having to have the doctor oversee the medication, which is evidently not something they like to do with teenagers. I know that swinging pendulum too with 'have I made the right decision' when others have a habit of making us feel guilty!  They are coming at it from their experience - which doesn't involve caring for a child with severe anxiety or depression! They probably think it is just a bit of push them...will do them good.  Not realising we have been pushing them!! And that did no good either!

It is terribly exhausting, isn't it. I know there are many times when I thought I couldn't cope - but somehow you look for those 'round the corner' moments that you mention.  But sounds like you have been making some good decisions with your son and he knows you are there for him which is great. I have just reassured my son that there is no wrong or right decision on his not doing the final year (as he keeps feeling he has made the wrong decision). I think his dad planted that doubt in his mind by trying to convince him to push himself back and catch up because of all the 'down' sides of not completing schooling. I have come to the conclusion that whilst it is a good idea to finish school - if you are struggling with your mental health - that comes first.  I think my son still has a lot to work on in order to overcome his avoidance behaviour - but perhaps with school out of the equation - he can feel able to take those steps forward. I am making sure that I work on him to find a part time job though - and continue hobbies and maybe help others in some capacity. 

I hope your son also makes some friends via the apprenticeship. Bit of an early morning start!(For you too!).  Let us know how things go.  I will be interested to see what helps. We might have to re look at changing medication too.

Take  care and so glad to hear the news

Solar xx

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