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Thanks for your reply. It's helpful. He was medication compliant but I think he smoked some cannabis. That would not have helped.

in terms of travelling what I would recommend (having travelled os a lot with my partner) is - is it possible for you to travel with someone who knows your condition and can organise everything ie getting flights, travel to airport accommodation? And someone who can makes sure you get enough sleep etc.  That removes a lot of stress. Secondly I'd stay in places a long time, don't move around as it's too stressful. Thirdly staying in air BnB is more relaxing as if you need to stay and rest you don't get anxious being in hotel all the time. Finally, I always organise it so the mornings are free because if it is getting too much for him he can always rest. They are my tips for travelling with him. Thanks for your advice. J 

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