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Hi I’m mother to son diagnosed with first episode psychosis 2 years ago at 24 y.o. diagnosed with schizophrenia after second episode which was caused by sudden withdrawal from med’s.

after moving out from home. ( now back).  He has always had some ASD characteristics and is very introverted but never enough for diagnosis. His lack of motivation, initiative and sense of hopelessness are sad for all in our family to live with. He has lost all his school friends and has no social contacts. We have tried everything to encourage him with no success. Though managing to finish his university courses he has not had a job since. He reads self help books as if trying to find answers. I am very interested in latest research for this awful disease especially links to auto immune conditions as there are many in my family. Negotiating psychiatrists and psychologists is frustrating as nobody is interested in whole person approach. All the meds cause terrible side effects and we seem to spend are time trying to counteract weight gain and raised blood sugar.  His symptoms revolve around hearing voices and withdrawal but there is no paranoia,anger or mania.  Meds have dulled the voices but have made him sleep all the time. I am trying amino acid supplements but he hates taking multiple tablets. Love to hear how other parents are coping.

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