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Community Elder

I think you may have a valid point there @lovemyboys. We live in a culture where young men have to appear to be invincible. We look up to our sporting heroes and think they live the perfect lives. They must - right? So talented, people come to watch them play - they have it all. But that's not necessarily the case.

I remember watching a TV program featuring Anh Do interviewing and painting Anthony Field from The Wiggles. You can probably catch it on the ABC iView app. He suffered terribly from depression. One moment, he was bouncing about singing on stage to thousands of smiling kids and parents and the next, he was crying in his dressing room. 

Losing an older brother in that tragic way must have been devastating for the whole family and during bouts of depression, your son could be feeling that loss even more and possibly thinking that it is a way out. 

I can understand your concern and helplessness. All you can do is give him your love, tell him you are worried for him and want him to be happy, encourage him to take his medication and keep those appointments, and foster that communication. 


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