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Services for bipolar??

Hi all,

My husband has been diagnosed with bipolar 2 &I wanted to know if anyone knew of any practical services to support him/us? Sometimes cleaning & cooking by myself is honestly exhausting and at times I'd love nothing more than just for someone to come over with a cooked meal or clean the kitchen. Hes linked in with many mental health services to assist him but I cant find any practical support services. Any help would be really appreciated, we are based in Sutherland shire Smiley Happy


Re: Services for bipolar??

Hi Alex Are you contacting from Australia or another country? 



Re: Services for bipolar??

Hi @Alex4 

Welcome aboard ⛵

There are a few of us here who care for our BP2 partners.


I think the practical help you are looking for is covered under the NDIS if hubby is able to get this (my man is too functional for this even though on DSP). If hubby is linked with a MH support service they may be able to provide advise about this.


Is there something apart from his BPii that is preventing him from helping at home?  I firmly believe that all members of a household contribute to making the mess and all should contribute to tidying up, with tasks given according to ability. In saying that Mr Darcy actually fancies himself as a master chef but is not 😵. I  suffer through his dreadful cooking, trying not to be critical so as not to discourage him.🤐 It gives him something to do and this is so very important.


Mr Darcy has always been the dishwasher and will help out with the vacuuming, laundry and gardening. The only times he has not been able to do even a minimum of the dishes was post his attempt and he had orthopaedic issues and when in an acute episode and was severely depressed and psychotic.


At various times along the way I have paid for house cleaning as I am not very good at it and really appreciated it. This has been a self care thing.



Re: Services for bipolar??


Re: Services for bipolar??

Hi Darcy,

Hes not eligible for NDIS unfortunately.

He absolutely contributes around the house + works fulltime, I more wanted to know of any support services just to give us both a bit of a break when needed Smiley Happy

Thanks for your reply!


Re: Services for bipolar??

That is terrific @Alex4 

Are you in a financial position to pay someone to do some cleaning?


PS a forum tip is if you use a @ symbol  as I have done with you it brings up the option to 'tag' someone so that they get a message.


Re: Services for bipolar??

PS @Alex4 

Sorry I assumed that hubby was not helping, hope I did not offend you.


Re: Services for bipolar??

I have the same difficulties - constantly clearning up. My wife struggles to initiate anything around the house and struggle to complete even the most basic task (i.e. she can make herself toast but somehow can't complete the task - e.g. put lid back on jam, put bread away, not leave plate on floor etc). This is the same with pretty much all tasks she does. 


I've struggled for a while not to get angry about it and be critical.

I pay a cleaner once a fortnight - i think seeing if you can get a break and can afford to pay for some support yourself is the best option. 



Re: Services for bipolar??


 Does this happen when your Mrs going through a depressive phase or all the time?  


Good on you for getting a cleaner in.  


How are things going @Alex4 ?


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