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Psychologists try to speak out about hegemony



This is a summary of a peer reviewed article. The article published in the peer reviewed journal "psychosis" is linked on the page linked below.


It is also an introduction to a site, where the summary was written that was started in homage to the inimitable Robert Whitaker, someone who it was vital for me to find ony recovery journey.


I do not have mental illness. I was forced to say that I did under duress. I know I am not alone.


Speaking out against abuse has been a vital part of my journey.


In this article, psychologists describe how they, too have faced pressure and felt silenced in trying to help in a responsible way.


I hope it will help all those who feel silenced, like I do, to find an avenue towards a truly helpful journey.


We are not alone 🙏


Re: Psychologists try to speak out about hegemony

Thanks for sharing @Fredd50 and we're sorry to hear that you feel silenced. Have you been researching this as part of your journey for long?  

Re: Psychologists try to speak out about hegemony

Thank you for the link @Fredd50 


I appreciate your point of view and am sure many other readers do too..


I studied psycho-social theory in my mid 20s in my final year. I had been lucky to study from a broad range of subjects, so I can laugh and tell myself it is not an obssession.  As I walked to uni, I chatted to my father over the fence buried at the cemetery.  He had been diagnosed and had an appauling life.  I often looked at life through the lens of pathology, as I spent a lot of time visiting psych hospitals for my family, but later I made a decision to go to psychologists rather than psychiatrists.  It did make a difference to round out my understanding of human development and cultural diversity.

Thx again for posting.Smiley Happy

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