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Something’s not right

Re: what next ??

Are you referring to support for a DSP application or for ongoing treatment @tisme?

Re: what next ??

How are you going today @tisme?

Re: what next ??

not good at all my anxiety is through the roof and my depression is through the floor the neighbours wont leave us alone we tried to be friendly when we came here but were ignored now the kids use our fence to climb on etc our house was broken into a few days before we moved in , they got in by the bathroom window we think ,  but there were keys all over the place.   .   i just got an appointment from the RBH Physiotherapist but i cant get there , Carers dont qualify for transport help ( centacare etc ) there is no way i can drive that far.  I need the physio ( part of the orthopedic dept ) to see if she will get a report on my spine ( cant find any other orthopedist that does the whole spine )    im hurting from the arthritis , I dont qualify for taxi concession .  im so tired of it all whats the use in fighting ?? i dont have any fight left  Im going deaf but not enough for NDIS etc  all the people ive helped and this is the thanks I get. while  i worry about what will happen to daughter when im one as one doc said it wont matter cos I will be dead no friends ( thought i did ) no family cept daughter and she senses it and keeps checking on me since last time  my psychiatrist says up the meds last time i saw him a few months ago  but something keeps telling me not to and i cant get back to see him due to transport issues and arthritis 

Re: what next ??

 Hey there @tisme this sounds incredibly painful, please know this community cares a great deal and we do hear you. You're up against a lot right now, it's important you engage in some decent support, that's the first step to shifting out of this situation and into a life that you deserve.

Have you spoken to the team at Carers Gateway and Carers Australia? In addition, have you chatted to a GP about connecting with a local psychologist/social worker? There may even be some that do home visits and/or Skype sessions if location is a challenge. The GP should be able to support you to engage in a mental health plan with subsidized sessions. We're all here to listen in the meantime Heart 


In regards to the kids on your roof, any luck getting the police involved? That is absolutely not okay.

Re: what next ??

Hi @tisme

As a carer we so often put the needs of ones we love ahead of our own and yes, it sucks when we are the ones who have to follow up ourselves. 


Asking if there are services nearer home is a good first move. Otherwise as @nashy says, with health care plan from your GP you can get physio/ therapy sessions that are Medicare rebateable and a lot of providers will bulk bill these.  


If you have reservations regarding the extra med dose, it is important to communicate this with your pdoc. Being fully informed re: risk v benefit is wise.  


I again encourage you to ask your GP to see if they feel you would now qualify for DSP and if so to try again. 

Re: what next ??

I cant get to my psych cos I cant drive that far or even take the bus and the centacare bus leave me in agony. I only stay on carers for that carer bonus once a year I dont know about services close to home they no doubt all want paying and I dont have any more
and I cant make ph calls

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