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Something’s not right

Casual Contributor

Struggling to stick at anything

Is it a Bipolar thing to lose interest in so much of your life? I retuned to work last year in to Disability.  I love my job but I just cant be bothered anymore.  I cant read books anymore as I just cant concentrate.  Im sick of my husband, im sick of the town I live in (lived here all my life 40 years)  I just feel so done with everything.  How do you get your mojo back????????


Re: Struggling to stick at anything

Hi @Sirihawi I don't think it is a Bipolar thing, I think it is a mental illness thing.

I don't have Bipolar but do suffer from a mental illness and can relate to what you are saying.

I have lost interest in many things and struggle to do even the basic things like having a shower and getting dressed. I think it is hard to find the motivation to do anything when we are struggling with our mental illness. 

Have you got someone you can talk to about this? Perhaps a psych?

I don't have the answer on how to get your mojo back. Just wanted to let you know I can relate to your post.


Re: Struggling to stick at anything

Hi and welcome @Sirihawi 

Yes, the lack of motivation is surely a 'thing' and not just with BP either. I'm really sorry you're experiencing such apathy.


I talked with my psych and GP about this very topic a couple of years ago. I was admitted into a psych ward for planning my demise. There was no passion, emotion, drive or will in me anymore.


Like any machine, our bodies and especially brain/nervous system, will show signs of wear and tear if it's pushed to its limits too often and over long periods. 


For me, living alone, still dwelling on past trauma and dealing with too many problems after a major breakdown, all bought me undone. My brain closed down the emotional part and only allowed enough function to get through my day. I was left with a feeling of separation from others and matter-of-fact attitude to my presence in the world.


Planning as I did seemed rational and necessary. I look back now and shake my head. On the ward I wasn't even allowed to dust my side table or sweep the floor. It was a bizarre feeling which led me to fall apart. After all, I could. At home I couldn't.


And I think that's what happens sometimes. We just don't feel we have the space to fall apart or be ourselves without day to day life getting in the way. Our brains are tired and sick from traumatic situations and the pressure we place on ourselves, so it makes sense it eventually limits what we can achieve. The first thing to go is our passion.


Even though our brains are sick, it still realizes we need rest. That's why we become disinterested; it stops us from becoming too busy and creating more things to worry about or focus on. In essence, we're forced to slow down.


It's not your fault; that's the main point I'm making. It's just how the primal brain works to help us survive.

I hope this makes some sense Siri...

My best;

Hope Heart

Re: Struggling to stick at anything

You absolutely nailed it, thankyou 😘

Re: Struggling to stick at anything

hi @Sirihawi 

like @Snowie I struggle with the basics each day of showering and brushing my teeth. It is very hard to be interested in anything & find motivation.

I find the best thing is to meet new people because feeling connected to someone, having a supportive friendship with a kindred spirit, is very interesting and motivating to me. It has a lot of risks and I do get hurt and frustrated by my friends, it seems each relationship/attachment is complicated, but on the whole is it what gives me quality of life.

I met new people through volunteering and through Meetups. It was very hard work, neither came easily to me and it took about 2 years to establish friendships but it is well worth the effort.

Re: Struggling to stick at anything

Hi @Sirihawi , Nice to meet you.  I have bipolar and struggle with this to.  I can't add much further to the feedback the others have provided.  Try and make sure you are sleeping well, eating healthy and exercising as much as you can.  Take care of yourself.  Keep reaching out for support if you need to.  

Re: Struggling to stick at anything

hi @Sirihawi and welcome
thank you for sharing abit of whats happening to you, as you can see many of us can relate no matter what out mental health diagnosis is.
Please feel free to have a look around the forums and join in where you like.
Also when responding to members if you put an @ names will pop up in the drop down box, if you click on the members name itll tag them for you. If your in the quick reply bit youll need to put an @ (no space) and manuelly type their name. that way they get a notification that your 'talking to them' hope this helps

Also like others i struggle to stick with anything or i loose interest really quickly that i can never really commit to a hobby. i guess the main thing is to keep searching for the things that brng you joy even if its only short term

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