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Something’s not right


Staying sane

How do people go day by day and not have problems? I hate having panic attacks at work and school. I want to have a normal life. Why do i have to have these episodes? Or why do i have to have extreme lows at anytime of the day. I can be fine one minute and be set off.


Re: Staying sane

Hi @Kodee. Sorry to hear you have been having panic attacks - they are very unpleasant. Sometimes they can appear to come out of the blue, without warning. Are you receiving any support currently? There are strategies that can help you gain more control over these scary symptoms such as mindfulness techniques and breathing exercises.


I'm sure there are others around the forums who have similar experiences and I hope you are able to connect with them.


Take care,


Re: Staying sane

hi @Kodee and welcome

sounds like your doing it really tough atm. do you have anyone you could talk to at all?

SchooL .. as in uni/tafe?
These facilities also offer free student counselling- is that something you would be willing to give a go?

Or speaking to your gp would be a really good place as well so they can support you too. it sounds like you really could do with some help in working through some of your feelings and emotions too.

Re: Staying sane

Hey @Kodee

I hear you - I feel like that too. One minute okay next minute so not okay. Sometimes I can tell why it’s happened sometimes it seems to happen for no reason it comes out of nowhere and just ‘gets’ me. 

I often say to my therapist ‘I want to have a normal life. Why is this happening?’ Which is what you have said here.

my advice is to find someone to talk to - if you are at uni or school there are counsellors you can see. Or visit your GP and they can give you a referral to a therapist. Sometimes it’s helpful just to have someone to vent to, even if they can’t give you instant solutions I find just talking can help. 

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