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Something’s not right

Re: Dark place

Hi @BlueBay 

I am really sorry to hear that you are in a dark place this evening. Please take good care of yourself and reach out for help if your need extra support,


thinking of you


Re: Dark place

No one can do anything @Whitehawk 

a bad afternoon turned into a horrible night 

my mood is very very low 

I don't really care about anything atm 

lots of negative thoughts atm

i keep falling bsvk down 

I don't have the energy snymire to pick myself up 

it's over my whole mentsl health 

is taking control 

I'm losing 😢



Re: Dark place

Hello again @BlueBay 


So sorry to hear that you are in such a bad way tonight. Please be strong and keep yourself safe.  I will contact you off the forum to check in with you and offer support.




Re: Dark place

Hello @BlueBay 

I hope you are feeling a little better this morning and have reached out for help. I'm sorry if the post about xmas triggered you. I can understand that you're upset about your family not all coming together, but you're right in focusing on spending time with your granddaughter. How old is she? The little ones make xmas magic.

Take care and please look after yourself.

Re: Dark place

Hi @Aeiou 

@thanks for your support. ❤️
I'm ok now. 
my little granddaughter is 2. She is so gorgeous and funny. She is very close with me. This Xmas will be nice as she is a little older and understands more. 
I think Xmas time is a trigger for a lot of people. Families can be very difficult at times. 

how are you going? 

Re: Dark place

Good morning @Gazza75 


yes unfortunately very commercial. I've seen kids rip open their presents, throwing them aside to rip open their next present, with parents stacking the presents behind them and the kids not even saying thank you in between or play with the gifts afterwards. Mountains of presents, meanless clutter. Back when I had friends here and celebrated at their homes, I would give gift vouchers to the kids, so we could go shopping when the xmas rush was over. At least they knew then what they got from me and enjoyed our little trip.


Why don't you make plans to stay on your farm? It would be a nice break for you because I know you like it there. I know families can be very pushy to make you come to celebrations, but does anyone know about your mental health? Can you say openly that it's better for you to have a break? Does it matter if they know? I've gotten out this way with social gatherings. I had to start being open about not being able to cope with a group of people and even if I just talk to one person I am so tired after an hour or two that I have to leave. I can't go to restaurants or any other busy places. It's not "the old me" so people have moved on, but I couldn't hold up the facade any longer.


I hope you got the right polymer clay and will successfully make some pens. How about other things too?


Hope you have a nice day x

Re: Dark place

Hi @BlueBay 


I'm glad you're feeling a little better. Yes, little ones make xmas special Smiley Happy

I'm okayish. Scared about the bushfires, but then everyone is.

Re: Dark place

Pls take care reg bushfires @Aeiou 

it must be very very scary. I'm in Victoria snd they're saying we're in for a hot dry summer. It's really scary. 
thinking if you. ❤️

Re: Dark place


It's dark here. Dark and scary.

I don't know if I can do this anymore.

I had some light last week and perhaps that makes the darkness darker? I'm tired of the dark.

Re: Dark place

@Aeiou, hope you can keep looking for some light.  Hang in there ❤️❤️🌻🌻



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