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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Dark place

I feel dead inside and I don’t know how much strength I have left. It’s a constant battle 😕

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Re: Dark place

Hang in there @Aeiou , a lot of people here care for you.  Take care. Heart

Re: Dark place

Hi @Aeiou 


I'm sorry you are in such a dark place at the moment. It sounds like you are feeling, bit-by-bit, that you are losing your strength to keep going. That is a horrible position to be in! Smiley Sad


I just wanted to let you know that I have sent you a check-in email.


Please reach out, if you need any support!




Re: Dark place

Thanks @Gazza75 

i am just so tired

Re: Dark place

hi @Aeiou it sounds really tough for you atm, is there something happening to cause these emotions?

Re: Dark place

Your welcome @Aeiou .

I don't know if you feel up to it, but, maybe a walk or some other exercise will help a little?  Have you been sleeping okay or is lack of sleep part of the reason you are tired?  You don't have to answer if your not comfortable.  No pressure, happy to listen if you want to talk about things.

Re: Dark place

Thank you @Gazza75 @outlander 


im overwhelmed with too many triggers and feelings and I don’t know how to cope. I sleep most times, I’m too tired. I looked at the sunshiny outside today, but it don’t feel. I think I’ve checked out in my head, numb, too overwhelmed.

Re: Dark place

hi @Aeiou
sorry youve got so many triggers atm, thats really hard and i can definently relate to that.
do you have any supports that are helping you to cope such as a dr, psychologist etc?

Does anything normally help when your feeling overwhelmed?

Re: Dark place

Hi @outlander 


i normally had support, but they’re away or sick. I just try to distract, and distract, but it makes me tired and confused. I’m confused about everything.

Re: Dark place

im sorry your supports are away atm @Aeiou
happy to help where i can though.
let me see if i can find these thread that might be of use to you though in coping with overwhelming emotions.

@Sans911 is pretty good at this and wonder if she can offer some more advice too

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