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Something’s not right

New Contributor

Brain fog, anxiety, panic attacks, need your opinion

This may seem weird, but I need help:
If I tell you to conceptualize something like: "she's not happy ", what happens in your mind? Or "there are no bananas left in the fridge". Or ''Not all the kids were big''.

When you guys read a text or listen to someone talking, to understand them, do you need to visualize the things they are saying or the words themselves are enough to make you understand?


I recently developed severe brain fog and I have a hard time understanding text or people talking and my logic seems gone. I feel like im saying gibberish and my mind is blank all the time. I have difficulty with negative sentences especially. I'm doubting my memory (did I actually do it?) and my logic. I repeat the words (text or what other people are saying) in my head lots of time but it does not become more clear. Now just thinking gives me like a electrical zap feeling/anxious feeling in my brain. Too much of zaps and panic attacks occures, burning skin sensation, heart pounding, feeling like my adrenaline is killing my body slowly. And yeah I fear saying something blatantly stupid or making so stupid a mistake people will think I have 50 IQ.


Re: Brain fog, anxiety, panic attacks, need your opinion

@foggybrain Hi foggybrain and welcome to the forums. What you talk about could be many things like epileptic seizures for instance. You really have to go to your gp to be referred onto a specialist to look into this futher. My money would be epilepsy but I am only hazarding a guess here and only a qualified person would be able to give you a proper diagnosis. greenpea

Re: Brain fog, anxiety, panic attacks, need your opinion

@foggybrain it's great you are aware that this is happening. i agree with @greenpea a doctor or another professional that you know might be able to provide an answer for this. this sounds like what i experienced during psychosis, anxiety, depression. 


do you have activities that clear your mind for example walking? long walks and running used to help me until the symptoms got worse.


hope you head clears real soon Smiley Happy

Re: Brain fog, anxiety, panic attacks, need your opinion

Running help my body feel good.

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