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Something’s not right


Anxiety taking over

Hi, I'm feeling very overwhelmed with anxiety atm. I'm trying to control it, but it feels like I'm a big shaking mess inside. I feel short of breath and my heart is 


Re: Anxiety taking over

hi @Learninggrowing
sorry no one has responded here as yet.
how are you going since you posted? have things calmed down?

Re: Anxiety taking over

Thank you for responding. It's so much appreciated and to have someone to talk to really helps.

The anxiety is still bad. It eats away at you. Why does this stupid condition exist!?  What a horrible feeling for your body to experience.  Everyday waking up and feeling the pressure in your chest. It's not nice and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. 

I've made an appointment to see my psychologist,  and I also today with make sure I make and appointment to see a psychologist. One recommended to me that deals with trauma, which I didn't known existed..So this appeals to me.  I'm going to write down my worries on paper. Read thru a couple of self help books on anxiety and CBT.  Go for a walk with my dog.  

It's so difficult to feel hope for the future. I've been dealing with mental health issues for a long time and I think it will always pop it's head up. I just have to make sure I have the right treatment plan in place to keep on top of it. It sounds like I know what to do and I'm well. But putting these things into action is a different story. 

Re: Anxiety taking over

hi @Learninggrowing
im sorry your anxiety is still pretty bad, have you had any good moments where it has eased?
anxiety is really awful sometimes isnt it@
im really glad your going to see your psychologist, i hope he/she helps you. itll take some time ti work through your worries and to learn to manage your anxiety. lots of practice, patience and self care is needed but you will get there.
I get pretty hopeless too so your not alone in that. Having a good treatment plan is a good step, try not to be hard on yourself if your not finding it working well, it takes a while to find what works properly and whats most effective for you as well.

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