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I get so down. BPD is a mixture of being able to cope to overwhelming desires to end it all. I watch Trump and I get sooo angry thinking that he is destroying the planet. Why are there so many evil leaders in thd world


Re: Why?

Hi @DeeDee2 

I know you posted this a long time ago now but I think what you expressed is still so relevant today. 


My girlfriend challenged me lately when she started expressing her anxiety and deep sadness about the environmental damage that's happening now, the animal extinctions, the loss of forests...I didn't know what to do. I wanted to listen to her, but I also didn't want to get caught up in an emotional panic. I have bipolar disorder and it can be hard to maintain emotional stability. My usual way of dealing with the anxiety of what I see happening to the environment has been to cover myself in cotton wool. Wrapping myself in cotton wool, trying not to *feel* anything about world events, has been useful in that it's meant I haven't been plummeting into extreme depression. I don't want to be immobilised by fear. 


But it wasn't helping my girlfriend and it was making her feel frustrated and like I was denying her experience.


I don't have any answers except that she started seeing a therapist to help her deal with her anxiety, and she also started being involved in activism so she felt like she was doing something. In turn, I have opened up a little more to acknowledge how I really feel about world events. I have also been trying to use the coping strategies I have learnt to help me not go down the road of despair, and to maintain courage and to look for the positive actions that are happening out there. There are a lot of people fighting against evil leaders, and working to make positive change in their communities. I try to focus on them. 


I don't really have any answers, but for me having mental illness doesn't mean that all my feelings are related to being ill. Maybe I just have more extreme reactions than some others. I need to be a little more careful with how much upsetting information I expose myself to, and how I process it all. That's the conclusion I'm working with at the moment.


Anyway, I hope you are doing well. Take care. :-) 

Re: Why?

hi @DeeDee2
I have bpd too and it can be hard to manage. do you have supports in place? have you considered doing dbt as a form of therapy and learning to cope?

Re: Why?

@outlander @DeeDee2 @Lyra_reachout 

I to have BPD and I don't watch the news anymore or look at newspapers cause it's always bad stuff everywhere,  it's hard enough trying to get through each day with a MH and watching what's going on around us in this world just makes it a lot harder and makes my MH worse so I just don't watch things anymore that have to do with news, some documentaries if there sad.

Re: Why?

@saturnzoon I don't want tv or anything much anymore. I also don't listen to the radio so I have cds etc to listen to rather then the radio. tv and radio put news ads on literally every half hour sometimes more frequently if theres breaking news so a lot is often repetitive. once you've seen one lot of news you've seen it all for the day.

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