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Senior Contributor

Walking group

I was talking with @Zoe7@Shaz51@Faith-and-Hope last night about walking. So we decided to set  a mini goal and start walk. 

Who would like to join us? 😊

I’ve decided to walk three times this week for 30 mins. 



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Re: Walking group

Great to start a thread for our walking goals and to encourage others to join in @BlueBay

It is a nice day here so far today so if it stays this way I will get to the beach for my walk today - and the bonus I will see Toby having fun playing on the sand too Smiley Tongue

Re: Walking group

I could do that @BlueBay its more than I have been doing recently

Re: Walking group

What a great idea for a thread guys! Love the idea of seeing Toby playing in the sand @Zoe7@BlueBay great goal setting too! Maybe you can report back on something interesting you saw on your walk? In fact everyone could! Since getting a puppy I walk each morning too - love checking out any flowers I can find! How about you guys?


cat walking.jpeg

Re: Walking group

Oh you have a puppy @Lauz - what kind of dog? girl or boy? name? so many questions lol Do you have a photo you can share with us?

Re: Walking group

Sure thing! Maybe I'll post about it in the dog thread? Maybe we can have a doggy friday and people can share some fun dogs pics? Don't want to distract from some walking inspiration over here!! 

Re: Walking group

That would be good @Lauz Look forward to seeing the pick and maybe you could write a little about him/her Smiley Very Happy

Toby is sound asleep atm so no walking for us just yet - I'll wait for him to wake up and then head off Smiley Tongue

Re: Walking group

Toby is awake so off to the beach for our walk @BlueBay @Lauz @TAB @Faith-and-Hope @Shaz51 Smiley Surprised

Re: Walking group

I did 30mins walk despite feeling nauseous and headache. Thanks Guys 😸 saw birds, dandelions, tried to tell someone lights left on on car but their dog stopped me so good luck w flat battery peeps πŸ˜¬πŸ›Έ ..

Re: Walking group

Well done on getting your walk in despite not feeling well @TAB Smiley Happy

I took Toby to the beach and walked the stretch if the dog beach twice. 6 months ago I could barely do it once without needing to sit down - so that is a massive improvement.

Toby had a great time but decided it wasn't enough to be running on the sand and instead he would play in the water and then roll around on the sand - so guess who now needs a bath lol @BlueBay @Lauz

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