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Senior Contributor

Unwanted Books.

What should you do when you have unwanted books you no no longer need? I'm open to suggestions. Thanks.



It was a few hours ago I posted this topic and the response to it is incredible.Thank you to each of your for your replies and support.Thank you @Appleblossom ,@greenpea, @Maggie ,@Razzle .I appreciate your feedback.Thank you for the suggestions.Its nice to know people are still out there reading books. All mine are non fiction books.I kept my books,half of them I dont want.The total of my books is over 1200. They take up a lot of space.I try not to sell on auction sites,just buy things I need.I wouldnt mind buying some more.Need to sell some too.


Re: Unwanted Books.

I took a lot to the opshop tho at first sold them off at 2nd hand places ... nowadays ... people still like to browse the book sections in opshops ...


the physicality of books has a calming role for many ... I am even noticing more people reading books in the trains .... last night there were 3 including me reading in the carriage ...

CHeers @Denv12 

Smiley Happy

Re: Unwanted Books.

@Denv12  H Denv12 hospitals take good conditioned books for patients and staff to read. That is what I do with my books.

Re: Unwanted Books.

@Denv12   I usually find a writer I like, and then buy everything they have written.  I also start a series and buy the whole lot of that series.  After I have finished them they are still as good as new so I take them to my local library.  They love them, especially the series of books because it gives them the whole set.  If they can’t use them they usually pass them on to mobile library.  It’s worth giving them a try

Re: Unwanted Books.

@Denv12  There’s a site that buy and sell used books. ‘ world of books Australia ‘. I buy most of mine second hand from there.

Re: Unwanted Books.

Thanks @Maggie. I buy from there too.Their store is bases in the UK.I buy a lot from there. Usually once a fortnight.Check their website and auction site to compare prices on the same books.

Re: Unwanted Books.

@Denv12  I’m not 100% sure, but I think they have an Australian site also. I might not have my facts correct, but I am under the impression I buy from the Australian store.

Re: Unwanted Books.

I give them to charities usually @Denv12 but im also part of some facebook community groups where I advertise them for free and see if anyone would like them.

Re: Unwanted Books.

They do have an Australian website just not based in Australia. Its all based in the UK. Their business is/was located in Goring By Sea,Worthing,UK.Its a big warehouse. If you look at the postpack the books are sent in it should tell you where they were sent from.I've been buying from there since 2015.Bought some superb books too.

Re: Unwanted Books.

I would love to support the charity Brotherhoodbooks by donating to them.I have some great books I'd like to see on their website.Collectable books.I'm a long way from there.The freight would cost a lot.Even if I knew people going to Melbourne I'd have to keep the amount down.Those boxes are heavy.

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