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Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

hello @TAB , how are you today Smiley Very Happy

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

yeah depends if on phone or not re upper and lower case @Shaz51 @oceangirl  tried it with @EOR  one way it self corrects other way doesnt just to mix it up lol

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

hello @Sherry Smiley HappyHeartHeart

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hi @Shaz51 

Are you settled back home now, and unpacked, after your Darwin trip? From what Ive read so far, it was a really lovely and enjoyable break for both you and Mr Shaz. And your Mum was fine too. A bonus that she was so happy to see you back again.

Sherry 😀


Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Wishing everyone a safe and happy friday and weekend.


I am looking forward to some sport over the weekend.  I mainly follow the NRL, but, i'm a bit of a nutter about all sports TBH.  I go for the Sharks and the Swans.  I don't really watch the games on TV, rather follow them on the radio more often than not.  ABC is my friend LOL



Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hey @Gazza75
Im a sharks fan too. Thanks for your well wishes. If you want you can chill around on the forum feast. If not, hope you have a good weekend

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hey @Shaz51 um got 6hr early knock off but now work all weekend on 24 plus hours

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

helllllloooo @Sherry , @Gazza75 , @Hamsolo01 , @TAB just got home

eggs on toast tonight

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hi @Shaz51 Thanks for the tag. We are having chicken soup and a breadroll for our dinner.


@Gazza75  Ahhhh .. Yes ... Another Swans supporter!  I love almost all sports, but particularly passionate about AFL and cricket. Swans of course, whom I will be watching on tele tonight. In the NRL I follow Raiders.


Hi also to @TAB @Hamsolo01 etc


Sherry 🏉🏈🎱⚾⛳🏇🏃🏊

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Take out pizza here.
Need a good feed lol

Hi @Shaz51 @TAB @Sherry

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