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Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hi @Darcy  what are you up to/into tonight?  I always love all the pictures you find and share.


Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

hi @eth my dear friend, 


no i think it is just a quiet night, i made a beautiful desk organiser and clock for my partner, i worked on it for weeks, im so happy with how it has turned out.



Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

would love to hear more about the gift you made. @Jacques, is it made out of wood ??  xoxo

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Image result for purple sunset pictures

Maybe everyone's busy doing sunset.


Looking forward to seeing your picture @Jacques  What a lovely thing to make for your partner.  They'll think of you every time they see it.


Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hiya @TABuloso @eth  @marchhare  @Jacques


Wondering what a good gift for some older single blokes would be. Have some coming over for a meal soon - tossing up between pavlova with banana drizzled with caramel,  a choc berry trifle or a berry cheesecake for dessert. Happy to take votes.



Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hello @marchhare, when is your birthday xx

@Jacques, @eth, @Darcy, @Sherry, @Adge, @EternalFlame, @chaos, @SoSad

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

yes, that is what i am hoping @eth.


Yes @Shaz51 i do have a boat building book, it is very old, about all the boats the model builders made for the royals back 200-300 years ago, gosh they where masters at their crafts. 



Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

how lovely @Jacques Heart

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

@Darcy  I'd vote for caramelized bananas dipped in chocolate!!  OTT I know but hey that's me and desserts.

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Well my name should give you the month. It's between the Ides of March and St Patricks Day. Is that enough clues?

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