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The Community Garden :)



Being outside and enjoying the beautiful plants and flowers that are about is definitely something that's keeping me going at the moment, so I thought it might be nice to grow our own garden here where we can all enjoy it.


Please add any pictures, links, chats about anything you're enjoying in your garden, have found on a walk, wish you had in your garden etc. Or just enjoy wandering around Smiley Happy

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Re: The Community Garden :)

I'll start by planting some fruit trees (because they're so pretty at the moment)!





I love sitting under this tree lately Smiley Happy


Re: The Community Garden :)

SO so beautiful! LOVE this time of year Heart

Re: The Community Garden :)

Love it @CheerBear! I am leaving my big beautiful garden behind tomorrow and feeling really sad about that. I need to focus on my new courtyard and what I can do with that. So nice to see a new garden growing here. I'm putting in a little grove of Wollomi pines

Re: The Community Garden :)

@frog that sounds tough. It's great to be thinking of what you can do with your courtyard now, though I can understand why you're sad.

I'll be leaving those beautiful fruit trees and hopefully moving soon too. The garden here is amazing and I'll miss it, so I've planted them here to visit again and am focusing on my own potted plants more now, knowing they can come with us. I'll put some in the garden here soon.

The pine grove is a beautiful addition 😊

Good luck with it all tomorrow 💚

Re: The Community Garden :)

I'm planting a pot in our garden, of some of my favourite flowers from my garden as I think of you and your sad goodbye today @frog



Hope it goes ok for you

Re: The Community Garden :)

Thanks @CheerBear Me, my son and 2 dogs are in the new place tonight. Thanks for your kind words.

Re: The Community Garden :)

Ohh yes I remember @frog, how did you go xx

Re: The Community Garden :)

@CheerBear@Shaz51@frog@Lunar I found the garden. Here we are. Daphnie plant.image.jpeg

Re: The Community Garden :)


Chairs for our wonderful garden @Maggie, @CheerBear, @frog, @Lunar

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