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Re: Night Shift

@plasmo @Hope you can sleep that you are tired. I have not slightest tiredness to sleep. I don’t think I am manic though. Hope get adjusted sleep pattern soon enough.

Re: Night Shift

yeah i'm going to try and sleep in about an hour, see if i can start sleeping earlier.

i hardly slept earlier in the week, so know what it's like being wired

Re: Night Shift

i'm gonna try sleep earlier, as tempting as it is to stay awake for some reason.

Re: Night Shift

saturday hoot

Re: Night Shift

Anybody on not great right now feeling frustrated, irritated and emotional but not sure that I should be.


My mother is currently crying and saying that my brother doesn't love her because he isn't thinking about her feelings all because he doesn't want to go see her on his 21st he wants to have a BBQ with friends.


It annoys me that she has insisted on making big deals out of my siblings 18ths and 21sts when she did nothing for mine. She didn't even call me on my 21st just Facebook messaged me the day after. My in-laws did more for me than she did.


Also my brother lives with a friend at the friends parents house rent free with his own bedroom so he got his friends mother some chocolates on mother's Day and he also called our mum to say happy mother's Day which for my brother is big because he never calls or answers anyone you have to Facebook message him to talk but apparently he is trying to replace her according to our mum..


I mean the biggest issue for me is that she is making such a big issue out of something that doesn't need to be. If he doesn't want a big 21st party why force him to.

It also hurts when I tried to explain my feelings to her not only about this but alot of other similar stuff too her excuse is that she made mistakes she saw what she did wrong with me and is trying to make it right with my siblings so they don't get let down like I did.....IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER!¡!¡!


I feel like I don't matter , that I'm just a guinea pig.


Re: Night Shift

yeah i can relate to being stirred up like that, i've written off days recently from not sleeping and not being able to do things properly.  just being swamped with things lately and can't get time away from it

Re: Night Shift

@BabyDragon Sorry to hear it was such a frustrating and emotional night for you. It's tough when you gather the strength to explain your feelings and the reaction leaves you not feeling heard or supported. Know that you do matter and whether that can be communicated to you by your mother or not, you have an innate value that surpasses anyone's opinions, actions or inactions. To borrow from Dr. Suess, no one is youer than you. Heart How is tonight going for you?

Re: Night Shift

Thanks @Ali11  sorry for the late reply. Last night was good tonight has been ok I made creamy chicken and bacon carbonara with I made the pasta and sauce myself.



Took 4 hours but so proud

Re: Night Shift

wheres mine @BabyDragon  lol seriously tho well done .. Cat Happy

Re: Night Shift

That looks delicious @BabyDragon Smiley Happy No apology needed for the late reply! So rewarding making your own meals sometimes, isn't it?

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