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Senior Contributor

Inspired By Someone elses Thoughts.

About 2 years ago whilst I was on the phone getting some help from a community service,the guy I was talking with suggested that writing documents was a great idea. And,he said,"You never know when a document will turn into a book."

It changed my life.Ever since then I would write ideas down then type a document about them.I'd come back at times and add to them.I wasnt in a hurry.There was no time limit. My dreams became documents.I get inspiration from anywhere.I keep my phone handy so I can do a voice recording my ideas so I dont forget then get to the computer and start typing them up.Its very good therapy too.I looked online for advice about writing.That Wikihow,etc are great for learning.Watching how to videos is a good thing too.I've learnt a lot.I've embraced this documenting skill.

I hope that you will try the idea of writing/typing out your ideas.You never know when it will turn into a book.There's something to think about.My blessings to everyone.


Re: Inspired By Someone elses Thoughts.

@Denv12  Hey Denv12 that is really nice of you to share that with us. Thank you. peaxx


Re: Inspired By Someone elses Thoughts.

I love that saying @Denv12 you never know when a document will turn into a book. I used to write, and have only just returned to it, too many years to count in between.

It's good to hear it's working for you - sounds like an excellent and creative outlet.

Re: Inspired By Someone elses Thoughts.

@Denv12  Writering has been inspiring for many years. I hope your documents become a book of inspiration/dreams, both for you and others.

Thank you for sharing something that has changed your life.

Re: Inspired By Someone elses Thoughts.

You are most welcome,@greenpea.I hope everyone will share these ideas so others can benefit.

Re: Inspired By Someone elses Thoughts.

Hi @frog .Its amazing that this simple thought can be so powerful.I've got over 100 documents on my computer.All sorts of ideas.For the last 2 years I have been writing and adding more so often.Ideas come out of nowhere.I start new ones almost daily.The suggestion makes sense. If you write/type a document and just enjoy adding to it any time it might suddenly be ideal for a book.The world needs more books no matter what.  There are writing forums. I'm in an online book club forum and I learnt some things from there about writing. I think there are book writing software to make a book happen.

If anyone is passionate about something just start a document.Keeps the mind active.Great therapy too.

Re: Inspired By Someone elses Thoughts.

Thanks @Maggie. Thank you.I would love to say I wrote a book.

Re: Inspired By Someone elses Thoughts.

Hi Denv12

I love the way you are so enthusiastic about writing. I started writing stuff down about 3 1/2 years ago. Tried my hand at a bit of poetry too. Somehow it all became a book and i am nearly finished it. I found writing to be a very effective way to healing. Yes its very cathartic. But equally inspiring. 

Go with your heart and write that book Denv12, you will be so proud of yourself.

Do you have a name for it?


Re: Inspired By Someone elses Thoughts.

Hi @silverspoon .

Thank you for your kind words.

I'm enjoying writing.A few documents are getting bigger.I keep trying different titles.      I have another document for that.I keep going back in to fine tune things on all my documents.I usually find little things to add.It sounds better each time so I know I'm on the right track.I proved to myself I have what it takes to do this.I wanted to cater for all aspects of the book subject I'm writing about because there's so many things that never get mentioned in other books.

Here's a hint for anyone writing a self help guide:

Teach people each step,one step at a time.It just seems so much better than just giving advice.We are their teacher.They need our help and guidance.Its our job to help them learn.They need to know how and why.They need to know the answers that everyone should learn.We werent born knowing anything but we were born with the brain to accumulate knowledge throughout our lives.Be inspired by the best teachers you had while you were at school.

Ooops.I ranted on a bit there.


Thanks again.You brightened my day.

Regards Denv12.

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