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Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

I need a haircut too @Darcy I'm getting a bit wild & woolly....



Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Did you need to order mattress @Shaz51 or were you able to bring one home for Mum? My mum has difficulty working out how to operate new electrical items - trust your Mum can operate new TV OK.


@Adge  sounds like you could be mistaken for the wild man of Borneo 😡. Perhaps treating yourself to an "experience" where you get the full treatment at a salon might be worth consideration. 

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

hello @Darcy 

we brought a new mattress , it was on sale -- $ 70 dollars off the price

just the normal tv , with the mute button , on anf off and volumn which is on loud

was going to get a recorder but she won`t know what to do

@Faith-and-Hope, @Adge , @Determined , @Sherry , @Smc 

Love the phot you put on @outlander  birthday thread , wow the roads are very crazy  @Smc 

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Hi @Shaz51 @Darcy @Determined @Smc

Hi everyone.


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

@Shaz51, the roads are going up very steep mountains. There's literally a rockface on one side of the road and a sheer drop on the other. Drivers sound their horns at every bend because there's no visibility. They're your classic Chinese landscape painting mountains. Some have villages right up high that you can only get to via walking tracks (some of which are more like rubble staircases...). A very hard place to live in, but at the same time incredibly beautiful.


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

images (30).jpg


So much to be grateful for ...



Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

I got my hair cut (no.4 with clippers) yesterday afternoon @Darcy @Smc @Shaz51

This one's a good one - I like it....

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Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

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Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

All a bit quiet in the hot choc cafe ... how are you going @Adge 

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