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Happy Birthday @nashy

Happy birthday to our Community Manager @nashy 

@nashywas tricky and said

"Mine is in October, and is a single number"

soooo I have picked today in between the 1st ---- 9th

Hope you have a wonderful day

and Hope @s-jay  is not working you too hard


birthday b.jpg


birthday dog.jpg

@Lauz, @Faith-and-Hope , @Zoe7 , @Sherry , @Maggie , @MaggieM , @eth , @Exoplanet , @Teej , @outlander , @Sans911 , @Snowie , @soul , @CheerBear , @frog , @greenpea , @saturnzoon , @Appleblossom , @EOR , @Dec , @utopia , @WideWhale320 , @Gazza75 , @BlueBay , @oceangirl , @Darcy , @Determined , @Hamsolo01 , @TAB , @Meowmy , @LadyleahRDBloom , @Razzle , @Nay69 , @Hope4me , @Ant7 , @Adge , @Tortoiseshell , @SleepyPanda , @Amour_Et_Psyché , @Whiteknight , @Smc , @Doglover @Denv12 , @Jacques , @Queenie , @cutiepiekitty , @Sophia1 , @Sophie1 


Re: Happy Birthday @nashy

Happy Birthday @nashy  🎉☕️🍰🎈

Re: Happy Birthday @nashy

Happy bday to the one & only @nashy!

Re: Happy Birthday @nashy

Sly @Shaz51
Shaz the Sly.

Lol. Happy birthday @nashy Smiley Happy

Re: Happy Birthday @nashy

Happy birthday @nashy 


happy birthday disney.jpg


Hope that someone will be cooking you tea tonight but if not, here are some nutella doughnuts


nutella doughnuts.jpg

Re: Happy Birthday @nashy

ha ha my name list is gettting longer @Hamsolo01 Smiley Very Happy

Ha ha ha @Darcy  remembered Smiley Very Happy

Re: Happy Birthday @nashy

Indeed shazy @Shaz51

Re: Happy Birthday @nashy

Hahaha @Shaz51 ! You blow me away Smiley Happy Heart Pretty impressive! And only two days short! It's the 5th Smiley Very Happy


Thank you @Shaz51  what a lovely surprise wooo

Re: Happy Birthday @nashy

@Hamsolo01  Smiley Very Happy Thank you Smiley Happy That's lovely!

Re: Happy Birthday @nashy

Woohoo thanks @Faith-and-Hope  Smiley Happy 

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