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Re: Good Morning!

Playing hookey from work again @Meowmy just came back from shopping . Shelves bare ok popular sizes gone re quilts I got a Synthetic blanket to add to 2 already on bed ok with 2 all season quilts warm ones too dear or sold out got couple pillows to bulk up ones have, too low. Also got replacement heat globe for bathroom couple candles and a new thermal. Going to do washing now. Hope work goes okay 😸x

Re: Good Morning!

Thanks @Dec 😎

Re: Good Morning!

@TAB great stuff, bedding in progress. Work will Miss you for sure. Have a nice day at home.

Re: Good Morning!

Hey Tabby Cat


I'm sorry your shopping trip was such a bummer - I guess people go shopping to grab bargains for the EOFY sales and there are only two kinds - the quick and the dead - when it comes to sales


A pity they couldn't leave you something you really need






sales.jpgDo they really need so much?

Re: Good Morning!

good afternoon @Dec , @Meowmy , @TAB , @Hamsolo01 , @greenpea 

afternoon off Smiley Very Happy

watching some shows we taped

Re: Good Morning!

Enjoy @Shaz51
Hope they are good Smiley Happy for an arvo off

Re: Good Morning!

how are you going @Hamsolo01  Heart


Re: Good Morning!

not too bad thanks @Shaz51

Just finished an application for government role in a different state. I'd be up for moving I think. I also have a student to tutor online this afternoon which should be interesting. I think they have potential, but from my phone conversation the other day it might be harder than I thought but have to wait and see.

Going to break for lunch (late lunch) and then apply for one more job. Chat yesterday helped me see the trees from the forest too. I'm doing okay I think.

Re: Good Morning!

@Shaz51 good afternoon. Enjoy the shows.

Re: Good Morning!

Heyy??? Didnt feel
Like a bummer was already prepped from past 2 winters here @Dec anyways

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