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Re: For The Love of CATS ❣️



Re: For The Love of CATS ❣️

Boredom buster!

Re: For The Love of CATS ❣️

hello @Smc , @Faith-and-Hope , @Darcy , @Adge 

today smoky`s owners were sick today and they had hid in thier bedroom , while we cleaned today

welll when I took the covers off the longe chairs smoky decided he was going to laid on them and would not let me put the covers back on -- ohh well i will do it later Smiley Very Happy

and then i decided to pull out the spare bedroom bed out and clean behind the bed -- ha ha smoky Smiley LOL

ohhh smoky had a big cuddle -- ahhhhhhh and then he was everywhere today xxx

tried to make the spare bed -- ohh no smoky get out of there Smiley Very Happy

ohhh smoky I just cleaned that  and then mopping the patio and smoky laids  right on the wet part of the floor

ohhh smoky you really make my day my darling xxo

Re: For The Love of CATS ❣️

So who's been eating too much din dins?

heavy puss.jpg

Re: For The Love of CATS ❣️

Gravity? What's that?



Re: For The Love of CATS ❣️



Re: For The Love of CATS ❣️

download (4).jpg


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