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For The Love of CATS ❣️

I really really think the C-Forum needs a cat thread ..... so .....


Cat lovers ...... come on down ..... ❣️

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Re: For The Love of CATS ❣️


Re: For The Love of CATS ❣️

My feline friends have been my closest companions and given me the strength over the years to keep going. Sadly my boy Gus passed away nearly 2 yrs ago at the age of 16. He had helped me through a lot and I felt a real sense of loss when he passed. If one can have an animal soul mate, I feel he was mine. I still have Molly a Chinchilla Persion. She is very sweet but is an old lady now and a bit anxious. She keeps my lap warm at night. I now also have Bentley a champagne ragamuffin. I got him after Gus passed to fill the void and chose his breed specificslly for his personality . He is my new shadow. We have our routine and each night is spent side by side on the lounge. He is mischievous and full of life. A big personality and a great friend. Their love is unconditional and there is no judgement (despite what people think about cats 😊). All animals bring me joy and a sense of calm. If I knew how I would post a picture but I can't seem to do it from my phone.

Re: For The Love of CATS ❣️

I have two cats one a Russian blue who yes believe it or not went AWOL for 7 months then came home (should call him Forrest Gump) then i have my baby i rescued from Rockhampton so her name is Roxy. Pets are great for the mind.

Re: For The Love of CATS ❣️

Russian Blues have such a lovely temperament. I had one about 20 yrs ago but after we moved he went missing. All the ones I have ever come across have been very affectionate.
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Re: For The Love of CATS ❣️

I lost my soul cat aged 15 last year. He was only a shadow of his true self in the end so I knew it was time. I bought him from an animal shelter. He was red, huge, British short hair...grumpier looking than grumpy cat. We helped a fellow work colleague by taking a Heinz 57 variety kitten off her hands. She has since turned into a Prima Donna. Lastly I bought a thoroughbred blue British shorthair. He came with papers and a good pedigree. Had no intention of showing him. Just as well as he is an absolute pig with his food and everyone else's he can get to.

So we are back to two cats who think that they rule the roost. 

Wont post photographs as they are quite distinctive.

Re: For The Love of CATS ❣️

I think it's wonderful how each of them have such different personalities, no different from us humans in that regard. I love watching them interact with each other on their own level which I feel at times is much more developed than ours. Always heartbreaking to say goodbye to our furry companions but I'm quite sure they stay with us in some way. I had my Gus cremated which I feel is a lovely option these days. I keep his urn and a picture on a side table and still talk to him from time to time. I don't mind being called a crazy cat lady cause I know what calm and happiness they bring me. My bipolar other half is also a cat lover. Amazing to see when he is in the most horrible of moods how quickly he calms down if only for a short time when the cats ask him for cuddles. It would certainly be an interesting area of research.

Re: For The Love of CATS ❣️


Re: For The Love of CATS ❣️

Hello @Faith-and-Hope, @Molly73, @Former-Member, @Spudly 

cat 1.jpg

Re: For The Love of CATS ❣️


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