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Re: Far and Away

The flowers are beautiful ... thank you so much @Zoe7   I hope your day is productive too.  And great to know that your latest ADs are up and running.  And, touch wood, that side effects continue to be minimal.  Talk again later.  My day is just about to start as we head out soon for hubbys GP appointment.  Need to run a few things by him.


Haircut later in the day @Former-Member .  And yes I generally get to a hairdresser once or twice a year at most, just to trim the length and get rid of dry ends.  Thanks for dropping in again too lovely. I know its incredibly hard with your daughters diagnosis, but my goodness ... she is so lucky to have you.  Please continue to pop in when you can.


@Faith-and-Hope  .... thinking of you ............


Hello also to others calling in or passing by 


Sherry πŸ’•


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Re: Far and Away

Did you just have a trim today? @Sherry 

I trimmed mine again this morning. Really need foils. 

Its so good that your meds are helping @Zoe7 

I hope your day was successful.  


I’ve  been super uptight again today. Worrying about everything. Ugh! πŸ˜‘ 

I only have prns to take and they don’t make me feel good at all, so I try not to have anything. 😫😒


Just getting the necessities done here. 


Hi @Faith-and-Hope πŸ‘‹ 

Thinking if you, β€œfar and away”. ✈️


Not sure why I’m having a whinge on here. No one to talk to, I guess. 


Hi all. πŸ‘‹





Re: Far and Away

Hope huibby's appointment went okay @Sherry and you enjoyed your hair cut Heart


Whinge away @Former-Member Smiley Very Happy Only too happy to hear about what is happening for you Hon Heart


@Faith-and-Hope Yet another reminder of you today when one of the tasks I set for a couple of my usual kids had a peacock come up for correct answers. It was an online based program for them to practice their times tables on - very much made me smile when I saw that peacock Smiley Very Happy You are with me even at work and I loved that Heart


Been to the supermarket and got what I needed for the next few days. My teeth finally get done tomorrow and I don't expect I will be able to eat much still for a few days so plenty of things that are soft and easy to eat. I will have to leave work at 12.30 to get to my appointment at 1pm but work is more than okay with that. They are having a fire drill in the afternoon so my normal time with the preps is not on anyway so no-one misses out on the support. Very much looking forward to it all being finally done - and hoping it all goes smoothly. At least I have the weekend to recover. Will get as much done tonight as I can so I don't have a lot to do over the weekend.

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Re: Far and Away

All the best with getting your teeth out @Zoe7 

How many?

You are very brave. Will you have a general anaesthetic?  I’m. Guessing it’s more than one tooth. 

Sorry, hard to keep up. 

Hugs πŸ€—πŸ’œβ˜•οΈ

Re: Far and Away

good luck tomorrow @Zoe7 

hi @Faith-and-Hope  hope you're having a nice time away


thinking of a lot of people here , hope everyone is doing okay, or as best as you can HeartHeartHeart

Re: Far and Away

@Former-Member Two wisdom teeth with local anaesthetic. They are both on the same side so at least only half of my mouth will be sore. The antibiotics seemed to have fought off the infection so they have not been as sore this week but will good to have them out fiinally.


@BlueBay Hi Hon - sending you some love as well Heart

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Re: Far and Away

Yes. That will be great. @Zoe7 πŸ’œ

Re: Far and Away

Do you have anything planned for tomorrow @Former-Member ?

Re: Far and Away

Hi @Former-Member ... it did not sound like you were having a whinge at all. But even if you were, then its okay. I think quite a few of us do that here. And isnt it nice to actually have somewhere to do that? 😊

No it was more than a trim this time Mumi. I saw the usual hairdresser who kindly remembers me from one year to the next. Or at least she seems to? So she sat me down and said "so what are we doing today?". To which I responded "Weelll ... I'm not sure ... but I'm sick of it like it is. And I'd like maybe just on shoulder length with some layering around the front to kind of soften it a little". I said I'd like it long enough to still put up when I want to, which it is. Some of the shorter layered bits around the face is a little shorter and wont go up, but I told her that didnt bother me. I can either pin them up or leave them loose around the face. So she cut about 15cms off the length all round. Its now just below shoulder length, but its gone kind of bouncy and falling into ringlets around the front. I like it in fact. And I think it makes me look more like 50 than the 60 I actually am. So its all good.

Sorry your anxiety is getting the better of you today Mumi. I get that way that absolutely everything worries me too. Its a shame the prns dont help. At least you are managing the necessities which have to be done. Sometimes thats all we can ask of ourselves.

@Zoe7 - Hubbys GP appointment went pretty well. And only had to wait half an hour to get in, which is pretty good. He has had his medications adjusted again, which will hopefully help with some of the ongoing encephalitis symptoms he's still getting. Added to the additional ADs his psychiatrist put him on late last week, its hoped he will start to improve a little more. Fingers crossed they're right.

So I have today ticked off a few more must do things for the week. Working my way through this list. Pretty satisfying when you see some progress at last.

Zoe .. finally teeth extraction day tomorrow! I'm sure it will go well and it will be a big relief to have those troublesome wisdom teeth out. I'm sure your poor jaw will be sore and achy for a few days. And it will take a while for the resulting holes in the gum/jaw to seal over and heal up. But that will likely be nothing compared to the pain you've been putting up with over the past few weeks.

Hi @Faith-and-Hope @BlueBay @eth @Appleblossom @Shaz51 @greenpea and others

Sherry 🌞🌺

Re: Far and Away

It will take a while for the gums to heal over @Sherry but you are right - it will be so good to have them out and eventually be pain free.


Your hair sounds lovely and super glad that you are happy with it Hon. Greatalso that you have ticked off a few more things before you go away next week. I really do hope that you can actually have a break next week and it is not just looking after your parents. I suspect even that will be a break for you though. Much love and hugs for you Sherry Heart

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